*What do you do if you’re a well-known comedian and you have a live show to do in Georgia, and you’re embroiled in a huge public sex /extortion scandal?

Well, if you’re Kevin Hart, Saturday night, you did your show and you kinda, sorta addressed what’s going on like this:

“We got a lot of sh** to talk about, people. This is as real as it gets right here. I’m going through some sh** right now, I’m going through drama. And the best thing to have when you go through drama is a goddamn support group that chooses to ride and die with you.”

“Things happen for a reason. I promise I’m going to come out a better man, a better father [and] a better husband,” Hart added.

See, that’s how you do it. Or at least that’s how Kevin Hart did it. Listen above

As far as the sex and extortion scandals Hart is ensnared in, authorities are getting close to nabbing the people who tried extorting the funnyman for 7 figures. TMZ reports that search warrants already executed, have provided law enforcement with phone records and other data that has helped them connect the dots.

Meanwhile, Hart is “aggressively” helping authorities catch the culprits, who secretly recorded him having sex with a woman last month in a Vegas hotel room.