Omarosa & DonaldTrump

*As we previously reported, Omarosa Manigault —who currently serves as the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison—has seen her direct access to Donald Trump limited since White House chief of staff John Kelly came on board in late July.

Multiple sources in and outside the Trump White House have revealed that, until recently, it was common practice for aides to meet with Trump and “distract and infuriate him with pieces of negative news coverage. Manigault, they say, was one of the worst offenders.”

But Kelly is reportedly freezing out aides to 45 he deems unfit for serious meetings, including Manigault.

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Omarosa responds to critics

According to The Hill, Kelly has created a “no-fly list” of aides ‘who previously wandered into meetings unannounced and uninvited but who no longer have that power.’ Manigault, the New York Times reported, is chief among them.

Kelly’s longtime aide, Kirstjen Nielsen, is in charge of this list, and she was recently appointed as an assistant to Trump and his principal deputy. Nielsen is described in the NY Times article as “brusque” and “no-nonsense.”

She has basically been tasked with bringing order to the White House and one of her first priorities is putting Manigault in her place.

The Times said of Nielsen:

She is also responsible for keeping Mr. Kelly’s no-fly list of aides he deems to be unfit to attend serious meetings, the most prominent of whom is Omarosa Manigault, the former “Apprentice” star with an ill-defined job and a penchant for dropping into meetings where she was not invited.

Manigault serves as Trump’s chief adviser on African-American issues in the White House, but she’s made little to no progress, so far, doing whatever it is she’s been appointed to do.