*Journalist/author Steven Ivory’s weekly column about pop culture, relationships, music and politics has long been a fixture of the EURweb. Now, Ivory dares to explore human nature’s dark side with his new limited nonfiction series, “The Twisted.”

Launching at the EURweb in October, “The Twisted,” described as the “Twilight Zone of dysfunction,” is ten individual edge-of-your-seat short stories chronicling the actions of men and women driven by personal pain and insecurity.

“These stories are about the secrets seemingly ordinary people deal every day while strolling that thin line between what is emotionally and morally healthy and the perversions that tug at the spirit.” said Ivory. “Most of us know somebody–friends, family, strangers–who find themselves struggling with what is reality and how that struggle affects their lives. These stories are about the things those people do.”

According to Ivory, names and some of the surrounding circumstances in these stunning narratives have been changed “to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

“The cheerful soccer mom, the upstanding church pastor, the person about whom everyone says, ‘Nah, I know their character, they’d never do that’—-you’d be surprised at the behavior that an outward image conceals”, he says.

“I’m not talking about somebody like Donald Trump. There, we KNOW something’s not right; he illustrates it everyday. I’m talking about people who appear to have it all together, are ‘normal’ and upstanding but wrestle with personal demons. That’s what The Twisted is about. And it’s real. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Stay tuned to get more details on what Steven Ivory’s “The Twisted” is all about. Coming in October.

Steven Ivory, veteran journalist, essayist and author, writes about popular culture for magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet. Respond to him via [email protected]