*Some may thumb their noses at these recycling heroes, but the smart among us salute them. Trash collectors are the most under-appreciated employees in the service system. They are also among the most misrepresented.

But most of all, this position is listed among the top 5 most dangerous. There are things we can do to help the sanitation workers who come to pick up our trash. It just takes a little thoughtfulness.

Moreover, there is SO much to learn about the men and womenjust in case I stuttered?…who do this job.

Here’s 5 things they think you should know.

Yes, we do accept tips and thank you for your thoughtfulness…

The holidays are coming up. Your garbage collector would appreciate the extra money, and will remember who they got it from throughout the year!

You give a tip to your mailman and newspaper carrier … why not the trash collector? Official policies on tips vary, but most of us will accept them. Some folks tape an envelope to their bins. Or you can leave a note that says “Ring the bell. We have a tip for you.”

Be careful of what you put in the trash…Chemical reactions do occur!

Old nail polish, a lighter that no longer works, thrown in the garbage can lead to disaster!

On occasion, our trucks actually catch on fire. It’s typically because a farmer dumped in some kind of highly toxic pesticide. When a fire starts, we have to drive around trying to find to a safe spot to dump. You don’t want to be

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