*Mr. trump, when you were a kid, can you recall ever crying from an instilled pain? Not from paper cuts or scraped knees, but from something that hurt inside, like the death of a pet or your thought-to-be best friend moving to another city? Can you recall ever feeling your heart ache … for something or someone else?

While in office your performance as the comforter of a country 325 million strong, easily suggests your visceral sensibilities are at best, numb. Your political persuasion remains a mystery, while your personal decorum in matters of sympathy and compassion, frightfully shows no evidence of existence. Your responses to such are often callous, dispirited and thoughtless.

Since your unfathomable and still questionable residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, you have used the familiar bully pulpit, mostly through Twitter.  Millions of Americans have gotten first hand peeks at your sentiments about multiple national issues.

The most concerning for me is racial equality.  As an African American grandfather, the heightened tensions and emboldened display of ethnic hostility in less than a year of your tenure is alarming and has already rendered fatalities.  What has not manifested is your overdue attention and action to repudiate the race haters and dismiss your own inflamed remarks that can motivate them.

You promised a report from two hired investigators establishing the illegality of this country’s first African American President’s birthplace. It is now evident that neither the team nor your contradiction ever existed. The entire charade was staged chiefly to discredit the magna cum laude Harvard law school graduate as not worthy of nation’s highest rank. The ensuing trail of infamous remarks about our 44th Commander and Comforter-in-Chief’s horrible leadership while serving this country reeks of delusion, deceit and destitution. Your inane attempts to undo his envied accomplishments with your having no reasonable substitutes or amendments, is proof of your ineptitude and inefficiency.

colin kaepernick 2 other players kneeling

This week, your perverted mindset could not conjure the expected sentimentality to offer a mother and daughter of a fallen African American hero, Sgt LaDavid Johnson. Your vain vocabulary suggesting that “this is what he signed up for” lends no hint of sympathy or even concern for his family’s loss. Several days prior, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the US Air Force at Andrews Joint Base, you skipped a black female pilot on the handshake line. I often wonder how much of a distraction would you have caused for the NFL if Colin Kapernick was of German ancestry … as you are?  Racial subterfuge rears its ugly head just about everywhere you show yours. Coincidence, I don’t think so?

By the way, having photo opportunities with Kanye West, Don King, Steve Harvey, the heads of Black Historically Black Colleges and hiring Omarosa Manigault and Ben Carson to your administration does not nullify the prejudicial pendant that you wear under a shirt made in China and a mind, seemingly, made-up by Russians.

It is so ironic that your codified bids with the race card will more than likely bankrupt your promise to make America not great again, but to make it what it once was. You have already built a wall. It’s the kind you can’t see but can feel; it starves your ability to grow and forestalls the curiosities of others. Your mental myopia was its brainchild and now appears to have been built by a young, misguided child. We, who see beyond your boundaries, can only hope the toxic cement has not completely dried?

Be reminded, “Mr. I’m the Man” that man is the centerpiece of hu-man-ity. It is pathetic that so many people have to fold their potentially winning hands because you turned out to be a corrupted, greedy dealer.   Your proliferation of the distrust and obliviousness for others can only hasten the demise of our country’s true greatness. The time for your rude awakening has selapsed. So just stop this madness… and take a look in the mirror and see if you manage to cry for the losses you incurred?  More pitifully, I am sure you cannot.

*By the way, the capital “M” in Mr. trump at the outset of my commentary was used only because it began the sentence. The small “t” in trump speaks for itself.

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Chris Jones

Chris Jones, a native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles has written consistently about his observations of ethics and culture in the urban community. A political science enthusiast and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes senior level appointments for promotion and marketing responsibilities at Island, Motown and Warner Bros record companies, respectively. Response to his commentary can be forwarded to: [email protected].