*Following the shocking news of rapper Nelly’s arrest for allegedly assaulting a woman on his tour bus, fans have posted disturbing videos of the 42-year-old serenading an underage girl onstage.

The musician, who is currently on tour with country band Florida Georgia Line, was taken in to custody Saturday morning after a woman called 911 to report an assault that took place on his tour bus.

Nelly has since been released from jail with no charges filed against him, and he posted on Twitter that he was “completely innocent” and “the victim of a false allegation.”

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But in the hours following his arrest, fans have taken to social medial to post creepy videos of the hitmaker during recent performances on stage

One Twitter user shared a clip of Nelly on stage with an underage girl from the audience. She appears nervous and frightened as he sings and sweet-talks her and even strokes her hair.

One concert goer shared: “I stopped filming and looked around in disbelief. So many people were okay with it.” — Nathan (Nate) Hutson (@natephutson).

“I appreciate you being here tonight, can I do that?” Nelly asks the little girl, as music starts playing. “How

“How you doing? You okay? Have you started school already? Do you like your teacher?” he continues, clearly aware of her age. “Come here, stand right here — face me.”

Teh rapper plays with the girl’s hair, with their faces nearly touching while he sings hit single, “Over and Over” again. The 2004 song is about a breakup.

Social media users have responded to the videos with shock — asking why the rapper would serenade such young audience memebrs.