*Lord have mercy. If you haven’t seen this tomfoolery, you’ve been missing out big time.

It was just this past Tuesday (10-10-17) that Eminem dropped a super serious freestyle bomb on the orange a-hole in the White House at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

In response, the Stepin’ Fetchet of hip hop, otherwise known as Diamond and Silk, who are two ardent Donald Trump supporters, decided they wanted to get at Eminem with their own rap video answer.

The Diamond and Silk video features the duo rapping over an image of Eminem, while holding a bag of M&Ms.

And the result is … well, this you gotta see.


*In other news about Eminem’s controversial freestyle, athough most of the verse was spent putting his proverbial foot up Donald Trump‘s arse, Eminem did save room in his verse to big up a very special person.

A few bars after reminding listeners how much better the state of the nation was under Barack Obama, Em reached a lyrical climax that began building the moment he started alluding to the administration’s beef with the NFL and came complete with him pledging his support for Colin Kaepernick.

“This is for Colin, ball up a fist, and keep that sh*t balled,” the 44-year-old rapper spit. He also clarified, as many in the movement have, that his grievance wasn’t with the military or American flag, but with the man in the oval office.

The response to the rap performance has been nothing but positive from the rap/hip hop/sports community and beyond. Snoop Dogg, T.I., LeBron James, and other big names have given their collective thumbs up. That’s cool and all, but the approval that really counts is from Kaepernick himself, who tweeted:

“I appreciate you @Eminem,” with a brown fist emoji.