janetJackson & Ja'net Dubois

Janet & Ja’net (photo: Steven Williams)

*Once again, photographer Steven Williams is on the scene for another historic moment in entertainment.

When Pop Diva Icon Janet Jackson reunited with TV mom Ja’net Dubois (“Good Times”) at the “State of the World Tour” at the Hollywood Bowl (10-08-17), Williams was there. Check out the pics above and below.

Jenna Tatum Janet Dubois Channing tatum

Jenna Tatum, Ja’net Dubois, Channing Tatum (Photo: Steven Williams)

Here’s the backstory via Williams:
Janet Jackson honored Ja’net Dubois and reached out to her 30 minutes before the show hoping to see her “Good Times” mom, but was unable to accomplish it because of the heavy traffic to the Hollywood Bowl. However, the reunion took place after the State of the World Show at LURE nightclub and lounge. It was a magical night with people honoring Ja’net Dubois like Jenna and Channing Tatum and others.