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*Atlanta, Georgia — As a result of a series of back to back hurricanes from Harvey, Irma and Nate, thousands of vehicles that were literally submerged in water for days are expected to reappear, as ‘cleaned up’ ready to sell vehicles on used car lots throughout the states.

In order to fend off the wave of water damaged cars expected to be pawned off on unsuspecting dealers and car buyers, some used car auctions are offering two-day workshops for vehicle inspectors looking to hone their skills and spot these mobile eyesores.

However, since the average car buyer won’t have access to the workshops, ‘Auto Trends’ has enlisted the help of the Georgia-based Legacy Automotive Group, which consists of a Ford, a Hyundai, a Chevrolet, and a Cadillac dealership. Emmanuel Jones, II and Travis Render, who are members of the dealership senior leadership team, shares with us a few precautionary steps every used car buyer should heed to steer clear of a flood damage vehicle. Throughout the years, Legacy Automotive Group has consistently landed a spot on Black Enterprise Magazine annual listing of top dealers throughout the U. S.

And, after the excessive flooding near the coastal areas in the state of Texas, it was reported that upwards of 100,000 people in Houston may have to pay for a replacement vehicle out of pocket. John Doak, the insurance commissioner of Oklahoma, joins us to talk about the proper auto insurance every car owner should carry to help navigate a flood.

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