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*Dreamgirls director Bill Condon has revealed that Beyoncé turned down a role in the live-action movie for Beauty & The Beast because he wanted her to be the feather duster! 

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment about how Beyoncé has been cast in so many musicals, Condon said, “Isn’t that weird? God, it seems crazy! I even tried to get her into Beauty and the Beast, but it wasn’t a big enough part. She would have been a good feather duster.” 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw ended up playing that role in the film. 

He also spoke about Bey’s visual album, Lemonade, saying: “You look at something like Lemonade: that is brilliant. That is a brilliant new direction for movie musicals.” 

It has been rumored for some time that Beyoncé has been in talks to play Nala in a live-action The Lion King movie.

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fast and furious

Tyrese wants you to know that he’s preparing to release a rap album.

This week, the Fast & Furious actor shared the news on social media, writing:

“This new album is inspired by Jay-ZMy motto is #IDentityTheftDoubleAlbum is Jay’s spirit, PAC’s Soul and Sonically Dre’s Ears…… I know your first instincts is to say GTFOH put me in the ( Singer and Actor box and throw away the key )…but you will see folks very very soon that this rap album is far from play play…….. #VoltronRecordz #VoltronChairman #RocNation #MarkPitts #ChrisLighty #V#SteveStoute #JayBrown #TyTy #SwizzBeats #EdLover #SnoopDogg #Kurupt #BustaRhymes #RevRun #Facts #BlackTy I came here this album will change #HipHop save this post……. #IDidThisForTheCulture #LaughNowDickRideLater”

In another post he said:

“not interested in deal, already signed myself – “I don’t get dropped I drop the label”…… Jay-Z #VoltronRecordz – this album is inspired by Jay’s spirit, PAC’s Soul and sonically Dre’s ears….. #GTFOH right? Ha!! You will see… Rumor has it I’m BEYOND-SAY!!!!!!”

Tyrese has released 6 solo albums, with his last album Black Rose in 2015. 

Are you ready for a Tyrese rap album?