*”Butter + Brown” is for people who say they can’t cook.”

Aspire TVs new cooking show executive produced by chef G. Garvin premieres tonight and EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas talked to hosts Leslie Antonoff and Seth Brundle about
young Black chefs and cooking strengths and weaknesses.

EUR: What sets “Butter + Brown” apart from other cooking shows?

Seth Brundle: We created this show because we didn’t feel like we were represented in the culinary space. We have G. Garvin, Sunny Anderson and Marcus Samuelsson and a couple of other Food Network and Cooking Channel chefs but no one is in our age group or shares our narrative. We are not classically trained, we are home cooks who happened to be really damn good at what we do. We made “Butter + Brown” for people who say they can’t cook. I learned how to cook through trial and error and cooking shows. We want people to know being a great cook isn’t an unattainable feat.

Hosts Seth Brundle, Leslie Antonoff and EP Chef G. Garvin at Aspire TVs ‘Butter + Brown’ premiere dinner

EUR: What are your cooking strengths and weaknesses compared to Seth’s?

Leslie Robinson: Seth is more emotional than I am. He is very passionate. He’ll say, ‘oh my God! I love it! I love everything! And I’ll be like, ‘I don’t know. I’ll think about it.’ We balance each other a lot, he is the yin to my yang. I’m the baker, he’s the cook. He can take anything from the cabinet and make it gourmet and I’m a cookbook person. Once I know how to make something, I can add my own little twist.

Seth Brundle: Leslie is an excellent baker and I’m strong at savory cooking. Like braising, grilling, searing, and roasting meats. Where I’m weak, she is strong and vice versa.

Hosts Seth Brundle, Leslie Antonoff at Aspire TVs ‘Butter + Brown’ premiere dinner

EUR: What did you learn from working on “Butter + Brown?”

Leslie Robinson: To trust my instincts. When we first started, I kind of gave myself over to the people who were controlling the show because I thought, ‘they know what they’re doing, they’re the network people.’ But they kept saying, ‘no this is your show, do your thing.’ I didn’t trust myself at first because I thought, ‘you guys are the ones in TV, I’m new.’ Then I finally got it, and said, ‘you’re right, this is my sh**. They pick me, for me.’ I realized, I can be me and do whatever I want to do and that’s when I felt comfortable.

Scene from Aspire TVs ‘Butter + Brown,’