*ESPN‘s controversial SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill is set to return to return on Monday, but in the meantime, she’s breaking her silence.

Hill said she doesn’t blame ESPN for slapping her with a two week suspension over anti-Jerry Jones tweets.

“I put ESPN in a bad spot.”

If you recall, Hill was penalized for encouraging people upset with Jerry Jones’s national anthem policy to boycott his sponsors. ESPN claimed her comment was violation of the networks social media policy.

jemele hill - screenshot lax

As a show of support, several of Hill’s coworkers, celebrities, athletes and activists spoke out against ESPN. Hill says she appreciates all the support, but believes she doesn’t have a problem with the way the network treated her.

“I deserved a suspension,” Hill told TMZ Sports at LAX … “I violated the policy. Going forward we’ll be in a good healthy place.”

And as far as what she publicly said about the orange a-hole in the White House, she’s not even remotely backing down. On the other hand, she regrets putting her show in a bad position.

As far as her future with ESPN, Hill says:

“I don’t feel suppressed. I love ESPN as much as ever. I am okay. I feel good.”

Hill also cover a bunch of other topics. Check all that out in the video below.