*Teyana Taylor, a.k.a. Janet Jackson’s No. 1 fan, got the surprise of a lifetime on Sunday (Oct. 22) when she received a personal phone call from her longtime idol.

Taylor was on her way to see Jackson’s “State Of The World” tour when her flight got delayed, causing her to miss the concert. She took to Instagram Live to share her grief.



It didn’t take long for Teyana’s sentiment to reach Miss Janet herself. And suddenly, T.T. found herself virtually face to face with the superstar.

According to her own account of the conversation via Twitter, Teyana lost all control and stanned out.

And the love fest didn’t end with the Facetime call.

After noting Teyana’s effusive reaction on Twitter, Janet posted a photo of their call with the message, “I mean what I said. You’re so beautiful. Can’t wait to meet you in person. Love and blessings.”

@teyanataylor I meant what I said. You’re so beautiful! Can’t wait to meet you in person. Love and blessings – J

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Well now, Teyana was completely done, responding “My life has been made.”