Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

*Lupe Fiasco has taken his business portfolio to the Far East.

The rapper and entrepreneur has partnered with Hong Kong businesswoman Bonnie Chan Woo to launch Studio SV, a new Los Angeles and Hong Kong-based content development, production and financing company, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The outfit’s first project is “Beat n Path,” a docuseries that follows Fiasco as he drops everything to embark on a cross-cultural journey throughout China. The show will track Fiasco as he follows his dual passions for music and martial arts, practicing with Kung Fu Masters throughout the Middle Kingdom while exploring China’s fast-emerging hip-hop scene.

The partners say the venture will seek to produce high-end TV programming, digital content and films for an international audience, with an emphasis on inspirational projects that are edgy, disruptive and consistent with Fiasco’s hip hop persona.

The company says it plan to produce a slate of at least 10 original titles over three to five years, beginning with three titles planned for completion in 2018.