Brad James and Mario Van Peebles in a ‘Superstition’ scene,

*Watch out Sam and Dean Winchester! Mario Van Peebles and the Hastings family are the new hunters on the air in SyFy’s “Superstition.”

Van Peebles pays homage to the CW’s longest running show, “Supernatural.” In the first episode Mario even mentions the Winchesters [remember, the Winchesters’ father Jeffrey Dean Morgan is now the notorious Negan on “The Walking Dead“].

Van Peebles is the head of the family in “Superstition.” Part of the Van Peebles dynasty that started with dad, Melvin, Mario has been known to stir it up, take chances and go boldly where some have feared to tread. And interviewing Mario over the years has been a pleasure since he’s such a gracious interviewee.

The first interview with Mario took place on the set of New Jack City, the film that captured the drug empire run like a corporate business in housing development. The most outstanding aspect of that film was, of course, capturing the New Jack Swing music movement.

As a sci fi and supernatural buff, it was quite gratifying to hear Mario talk about his new gig as star, executive producer, director and writer on the “Superstition.” What’s even more interesting is that Mario believes in what goes bump in the night.

“Not only have I personally experienced strange things, but I know other people that have, too,” he admitted.

Explaining his take on having a black family that hunts and takes on evil, Mario explained his concept for the show.

“This is a very diverse America and wanted to show this on the show,” he said. “We kicked around this notion that, what would the Obamas be like when the cameras go off? If you took a smart family that was pretty tight knit, had a lot of love, but when the cameras go off, they had to deal with demons and fight the forces outside, what would that family look, feel and sound like?”       Twitter: @thefilmstrip