Adrian Holmes (19-2)

Adrian Holmes plays Officer Nick Barron on UMC.TV’s new drama 19-2 stream it now on UMC.TV

*The streets of Montreal is the setting for “19-2” the new drama that is streaming now on The Urban Movie Channel. 

Acorn TV on UMC brings a cop show complete with chisel bodied officers of the law Nick Barron (played by Adrian Holmes from Arrow & Smallville) and Ben Chartier (played by Jared Keeso from Falling Skies & Elysium).

Officer Nick and Ben’s egos collide as they respond to the city’s most violent and bizarre crimes.

It is action filled and peppered with emotional highs and lows, the cost of life for first responders with a badge, a gun and a conscience. 19-2 is directed by Erik Canuel and Louis Choquette.  Season 1 is streaming NOW on UMC.TV.   

Binge watch Season 1, follow the drama, share your comments and prepare for Season 2. It’s gonna be all the rage. #WatchUMCTV  #FallTV