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*We’ve got news about the new “Tamar & Vince” superteaser trailer that most definitely shows Tay-Tay bringing the drama as only she can, however Vince Herbert’s wife also has a major life changing secret she’s about to reveal. But first …

“Love is the only way. You can hate yourself while someone else is saying, ‘You can’t. You won’t. You never will.’ Or you can choose life…”—Mary J. Blige

After a challenging year of saying goodbye to her marriage, Mary J. Blige still found the strength to shine. Now, the nine-time Grammy winner continues her journey with new unapologetic, soul-searing music, a nationwide tour and a film performance in Mudbound that’s generating Oscar buzz. The secret behind her resilience? Just one simple truth: love will always pull you through.

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*In the meantime, Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert are back in action on the new season of “Tamar & Vince”  and we’ve a “shocking” first look.

Tamar is determined to have it all and she fights tirelessly for what she wants – good health, a vibrant music career and tight family bonds – all while harboring a secret so jaw-dropping that it threatens to derail her entire life!

“Tamar & Vince” premieres Thursday, November 9th at 9/8c on WE tv