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*Trendsetters are important for men and women of all ages, but it takes more than just a good fashion sense to be classified as a style icon.

Each generation, from where it all began to where we are now, has had its own cluster of stars that were loved and idolized in their own eras.

In the past century alone, we have been blessed with plenty of African American women who haven’t just proved themselves as fashionistas, they’ve successfully broken the racial barriers be it in music, modeling, filming or setting good examples for the youth of today.

style icon - billie holiday

1.     Billie Holiday

If you haven’t heard of Billie Holiday, either you’re too young or you’ve been living under a shell. One of the most iconic names in history of black women, Billie Holiday had the inborn talent of enchanting the audience with one sway of her unique jazz and breathtaking style. She was the Queen of her era!

style icon - josephine baker

2.     Josephine Baker

The gorgeous Josephine Baker was one of the most famous names when the age of Jazz was still alive. Always bedazzled in furs, diamonds or bold skirts, Josephine Baker knew how to steal your heart with her originality – something she was known for the most.

style icon - maya angelou

3.     Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou had true style which was sophisticated and her altruistic nature brought about the charm in her personality that many people would die for. One of the most empowering women in African American history, Maya Angelou was a legendary activist and a dominant writer.

style icon - donna summer

4.     Donna Summer

Ah, Queen of Disco, Donna Summer – not only did she hold five Grammy awards in her name, she was the girl that everyone wanted to be in the ‘70s. The embodiment of sensuality, Donna Summer was well known for her love and ability to pull off shiny sequins, high slits, and plush furs better than anyone!

style icon - michelle obama

5.     Michelle Obama

First Black Lady of the United States of America, ’08, it wasn’t possible to have a list of style icons without Michelle Obama’s name in there. With impeccable style, she did everything in her power to make America and the rest of the world a better place to be – a real guru who set an example for many young girls of this generation.

style icon - rihanna

6.     Rihanna

Rihanna, being the most stylish fashionistas of this generation, can always be counted on to bring something new, original, yet highly unpredictable to the table – and still steal your heart! We could go on and on with praises of this gorgeous trendsetter, not to mention the risqué suits she has the ability to pull off better than any other style icon of this day and age!