Prince Nokia

Princess Nokia

*A man show was yelling racial slurs on a Brooklyn-bound L train got a bowl of soup to the face courtesy of rapper Princess Nokia.

The Brooklyn femcee was among the passengers who took action when the drunk man, guzzling Lime-A-Rita, began spewing racist comments during the Monday afternoon (Oct. 9) commute.

Video of the incident posted to Gothamist earlier this week showed passengers banning together to push the man off the train and prevent him from harming others. One passenger even through her soup on him as he tried to get back on the train.

Turns out that woman was Princess Nokia.

Watch below:

Early this morning (Oct. 11), Princess Nokia took to Twitter with her account of what happened.

In the past, Princess Nokia has never been one to stand by the sidelines. Earlier this year, she punched a man at a Cambridge University show for sexually harassing her during her set.