Valentine’s Day dance

*After a group of local rappers were allowed to perform an “unauthorized and intolerable” concert at a middle school dance in Georgia, officials launched an investigation to find out just how this happened.

Artists Guap Tarantino, Drugrixh Hect and Drugrixh Peso delivered a concert that the DeKalb County School District said was not “age-appropriate” for its young students at Salem Middle School, the Atlanta Constitution Journal reported.

Video from the school dance was posted to YouTube back in February but it wasn’t until this week that it captured the attention of school officials. The clip shows the group rapping profane lyrics with sexually explicit themes.

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Valentine’s Day dance

DeKalb County School District in a statement to the Journal said the concert was a “direct violation” of previous instruction from the school principal.

“As such, DCSD will take immediate and strong disciplinary action against employees that organized or otherwise supported this unauthorized activity.”

Rapper Guap Tarantino responded to investigation by posting a video from the dance on Instagram along with the caption: “Mad at Me For Making The Kids Happy… i Made dem Kids day and da county tryna do me durtyy.”