*Ever sat on a traffic light, glanced over at the person in the car next to you and asked yourself: What’s THEIR story?

Are you curious about what’s REALLY up with the quiet and eccentric couple in the apartment across the hall–especially on those nights when the only voices you hear coming from over there clearly aren’t theirs?

When a close friend tells you drama about their relationship, do you wonder what they’re leaving out?—particularly in light of those rumors….

That’s the kind of human nature explored by journalist/author Steven Ivory’s “The Twisted.” The limited series of nonfiction stories, debuting at EURweb on October 24, chronicle the actions of normal men and women who do daily battle with their emotional demons.

Referred to by the writer as “the Twilight Zone of dysfunction,” “The Twisted” takes a shameless gape into the underlit world of everyday living.

“I believe we all live in two ‘dimensions’,” said Ivory. “There’s the dimension everyone sees—-how we define ourselves publicly, the life everyone knows about. And then there’s the flip side of us few see, the secret existence created by certain behavior and motivations. For some, that existence is more dramatic than others. That’s what‘The Twisted’ is about.”

steve ivory (for front page)

Steven Ivory

While names, places and other defining particulars may be altered or changed to protect identities, Ivory says the stories are true.

“Just watch the news,” he says. “Everyday you hear something and think, ‘Really? What were they thinking?’ It’s perverse to see the entertainment value, but I do. Like I always say, real life makes fiction look like what it is—-an imitation of reality.”

According to Ivory, there is an up side to peering into the private world of others. “We are a society in pain,” he says. “Hopefully, reading about somebody’s dark side can inspire us to change our own lives for the better.”

Yeah, right, Ivory. Sounds as good a reason as any to pull over at the scene of a car wreck. Starting October 24, you, the reader, will be the judge.