High School for Environmental Studies in ​​​Manhattan*A veteran dance teacher was accused of misconduct when she raised objections after some 30 cheerleaders at the High School for Environmental Studies in Manhattan wore extremely short skirts that showed “some of their genitals.”

Karen Eubanks noted that the cheerleader wore panties underneath their skirts that were too skimpy and exposed too much, even pubic hair. She spotted eight to 10 boys in the gym audience videotaping their routine during an after- hours spring concert back in April 2016.

The Department of Education didn’t agree with her concerns and calls for modesty. Instead, they brought her up on misconduct charges — including verbal abuse — and tried to fire her.

The investigation and eight-day trial that followed reportedly cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Eubanks testified she saw some girls wore “what looked like panties” that were “riding up” to expose their genitals to the audience.

via NY Post:

Eubanks, 59, a city teacher for two decades and former educator with the New York City Ballet, was accused of saying the girls “showed a lot of vagina” or “flashes of vagina ,” and using the words “g-string ,” “burlesque moment” and “nasty” within earshot of students, thus embarrassing or belittling them in violation of chancellor’s rules.

“It’s shocking that I was accused of wrongdoing after advocating for the dignity of our students,” Eubanks told The Post.

Darius Williams, a DOE contractor and former dancer and choreographer with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, also attended the concert. He backed Eubanks’ account, calling the display “vulgar.” He also saw boys filming it .

But Principal Amber Najmi-Shadid testified she “did not see any ‘vaginas’ showing,” and insisted, “Everything was appropriate.”

The cheerleading coach, Nicola Brugueras, said that when Eubanks pulled her aside the next day to discuss the dance., she was “confrontational” and used the words “crotch shot” and “nasty.”

The DOE held a trial and hearing officer Doyle Pryor concluded that Eubanks was too harsh and should have used gentler words like “private parts .” But he found she “acted out of concern” for both the cheerleaders and their coach.

He ordered that she receive a letter of reprimand.

Eubanks is now teaching at nearby Facing History HS .