Gabriel Wayland (Alex Hernandez), powerfully recalls one of many memorable experiences prior to and since his incarceration. Photo credit: David Morrison

*On stage left, Gabriel (“how you say it depends on where you’re from!”) Wayland (Alex Hernandez) takes us inside his life in the small jail cell he will call home for the next 50 years. Charged with the murder of a rival gang member, he tells the audience that when the judge handed down that sentence, he may as well have said, “a lifetime.”

Anna Jackson (Tonya Pinkins) recounts all the joys she shared with her husband and son brilliantly!

Stage right reveals Anna Jackson, a grieving widow and mother whose husband died suddenly from a heart attack — prior to the murder of her police officer son. Jackson keeps busy in her kitchen and even manages to keep that sparkle in her eye as she recalls many beautiful memories before tragedy set in.

For the next hour-and-a-half, both will be speaking to you, the audience.

…and boy, do they have a lot to say…