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*ATL socialite and reality TV star Toya Wright has responded to Tamar Braxton as far as their all-too public beef is concerned.

But instead of going low like Tamar, Toya is going high, ala former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, saying she wishes Braxton well while send a message to black women in the entertainment industry to do better.

“I would like to say that I wish Tamar Braxton the best. I have nothing negative to say about her. I think she’s an amazing singer — very talented. I wish her much success,” Wright told the hosts of the “Sister Circle LIVE” talk show.

Wright said that black women in the entertainment should think twice about taking their personal business to the internet.

“And as far as Black women in the entertainment industry who have those conflicts, I just feel like they we use social media platforms to kind of air out a lot of cattiness and pettiness. And I myself…I’m a victim of it as well. But we have to do better,” she added. “We have to start setting more positive examples for our youth who follow us and look up to us, because the girl fights, the Twitter beefs and Instagram shade throwing—it just needs to stop.”


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Wright is speaking out in the wake of her months’ long feud with Braxton. The two got into a heated argument on Instagram over the fall out of their friendship.

By the way, if you missed Toya’s response to Tamar, here’s what we reported back in June …

Wright took to her own Instagram page to snatch Tamar’s blonde wig and read her life for FLITH over the “fake” and shady public apology Braxton gave Tiny.

Toya issued this vicious response to Tamar:

“Paperback Toya?? Really Bitch??! What does your non-sincere apology and fake ass public outreach have to do with me?? You are THE fakest bitch I know. You wrote all of that pathetic, attention seeking bullshit but you conveniently forgot to tell them why ur REALLY mad?? Speak up l…tell em why you and your so-called best friend of 19 years fell out. Why didn’t you tell them how petty you really are? What type of bitch gets mad because a friend posts a birthday message about another friend?? I have your answer tho — the same petty ass bitch that got mad At EVERYONE who went on the real talk show that she was FIRED from. I’m sick of you popping off on everybody and then playing victim with yo over the top under the table ass. You talk shit about your own sisters! U a disrespectful, disloyal, jealous attention fiend. Your desire to be front and center and have all the attention even spilled over into to the church! People trying hear the Lord’s word and you want the people to watch u work! Fake ass praise! Fuck You all days and all ways Tamar!
Love always,

Paperback Toya . My new book will be dropping in July! #ihavetimetoday #iapologizetomyfollowers #shekeepplayingwithme #sometimethenolahavetocomeout”

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