kevin hunter & wendy williams

*There’s a new report making the rounds that claims Wendy Williams is making moves to and issuing pink slips amongst her staff.

This is supposedly because the 53-year-old talk show maven believes some of her staff members that were allegedly responsible for leaking the recent Daily Mail story about her and her husband/manager, Kevin Hunter’s alleged affair with another woman.

As we reported last month, The Daily Mail said the talk show host’s husband was cheating on her and had a long-term relationship with a 32-year-old massage therapist named Sharina Hudson.

theJasmineBrand is reporting that their sources tell them:

“The story was 100% made up and Wendy knows the woman. It’s not true at all.”

Wendy did address the story on the show and stated that she stands by her husband.

Those sources the site quotes also say that the story was started by a few disgruntled employees.

Wendy found out who was behind the story and they were actually people from her staff.

The source added:

“She fired anyone who was connected to the story because it was not only fake, but it showed how disloyal they were to her. She can’t trust someone who would do that to her. She fired a number of her staff, including some producers.”

Here’s more from the source

“Look, Wendy trusts her husband. She knows that women want him, especially more now than ever. She’s not letting any of this get to her.”