Home of the Ramsey family. Six-year-old JonBenet was found in the basement on Christmas Day…eight hours after she was said to be “missing.”

*Goodness! Those of us aged enough to know certainly remember the headlines that had the names Tate-LaBiana, Jon Benet Ramsey, Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman in them. These headlines drew us in to the content that revealed the gruesome murders that took over the nation at one time.

These families are still suffering and our hearts still go out to them.

Many of us think of these people and the crimes committed against them; especially when something happens that reminds us. That “something” this time was the release of OJ Simpson, the new series that focuses on the Menendez brothers, and the sick times we live in right now; where a man feels he has the right to blow out his 32nd floor hotel suite and release a deluge of bullets to unsuspecting concert goers below.

I found myself wondering what will become of the room that Stephen Paddock committed his devilish crime in? Then I started thinking about the homes that had at one time been the scene of a horrendous crime and wondered if they are being lived in today.

…and learned they are.

I think it must take a particular type of person to move into a home that someone was murdered in…and actually know it.

Here are 10 homes where a person or people were murdered; and is today occupied by someone.


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